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AI for Research
Write, Read & Analyze

Kahubi enables you to write or read research papers faster, as well as analyze your research data with our AI templates.

Write faster

Write parts of research papers, rewrite text, lit reviews, discussion etc

Effective reading

Summarize anything, proofread text, find research gaps etc

Analyze your data

Input your data and find correlations and insights.

and more...

Research methods, transcribe interviews, and more

Supercharge your research

Describe your study (or paste in text), and the AI generates text, rewrites, analyzes data and much more. Kahubi contains a long list of Ai functionalities designed specifically for researchers.


AI templates for all your research needs

Kahubi contains a long list of AI functionalities designed specifically for researchers.



AI generates parts of your research papers, from introduction and literature reviews to discussions and conclusions.



AI summarizes text for you, proofreads text and provides suggestions, simplifies text, academic critiques and more.



Generate research questions, research methods, suitable theories/frameworks, create interview/survey questions.


Data, Analysis & more

Analyze data automatically, find correlations, insights, explain text, code interviews and much more...

Transcribe interviews automatically

Upload audio from your interviews (or other audio file) --> AI generates a transcript automatically (speech->text). Save hours of work. 

  • No need to transcribe for hours on end.
  • Simply upload a file, and Ai gives you a transcription within seconds.
  • Supports numerous languages.

Code with Ai

Write and save computer code with AI. 

Ai chat included

Chat with the AI using ChatGPT style of chats. Save your results as PDF or Word file.

Organize your research docs

Save AI generated text and data as documents. You can download the documents as PDF or Word.


Generate documents from the Ai outputs


Projects to organize your documents

Our plans & pricing


Try for free

$0Per Month

Try it for free

  • 5,000 words
  • Ai transcription (2 hour)
  • All Ai functionalities described below

    • Professional

      / month

      100,000 words / month

      • AI research templates
      • AI chat
      • AI coding
      • AI transcription (10 hours)
      • Export as PDF/Word
      • Create workbooks
      • Create documents
      • Support
      • Cancel anytime!
    • Premium

      / month

      1 million words / month

      • Ai research templates
      • Ai chat
      • Ai coding
      • Ai transcription (100 hours)
      • Export as PDF/Word
      • Create projects
      • Create documents
      • Support
      • Cancel anytime!


If you have a specific question, use the contact form.

Once you register for free, you can login and start using it. Kahubi is entirely web-based, so do you do not need to download anything.

You own all of the data that you produce. Kahubi does not own any of the text that you produce. You can export all of your documents and data as Word files or PDFs.  

Yes, please contact us for a demonstration for your research group or department.

Yes, contact us for more info.

Yes, you can cancel your plan anytime. No commitments.

We recommend the Standard plan ($19/month) if your budget cannot support the Premium plan ($59/month). 

The Premium plan is great if you do not want to worry about restrictions and limits. We would also recommend the Premium plan if you intend to use the transcription function a lot.

While Kahubi can be used to aid you in your research writing, it is not meant to replace the research process itself.

We do not recommend that you submit the outputted text as your own, without significantly rewriting it, adding to it, modifying it, and adding proper sources.  

It is important to note that AI support tools like Kahubi are here to support you in the writing process, you as the researcher, are however responsible for utilizing the outputted text in way that is ethically sound.

AI writing tools provide us as educators an opportunity to teach students the importance of never submitting work that they have not produced themselves.


We need to encourage students to develop their own ideas and to use AI tools as a supplement to their research, not as a replacement for it.

In summary, we are committed to promoting ethical writing practices and ensuring that our platform is used for legitimate research purposes. We encourage our users to use Kahubi responsibly and to always give credit where credit is due.

You can cancel your plan any time.


If you have tried out Kahubi and are still not happy, we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee.